Proud to announce our new chair design

ReVibe G Chair

Specialized vibration generators which are attached to specific plate broadcasters within the chair receive the same signals as the headphones and convert them into kinetic energy so the cells of the body vibrate in sync with acoustic patterns derived from the musical or voice signal, a process we call Thetacoustics. The vibrational accompaniment provided by the chair creates a complete synchronistic effect between mind and body.

The Revibe Chair is fitted for most heights and weights.

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  • Training videos by Dr. Dewees
  • Audio streaming capable
  • Mat with Thetacoustics (4 zones)
  • Quality zero gravity chair
  • Amplifier, conveniently fitted into tray
  • Cords to attach all electronics and accessories
  • Hook to hang headphones
  • Tray for your streaming device (phone, tablet or iPod)
  • Grounding Pillow & Chord

70.5″ x 23″ x 4″

Chair holds up to 420lbs

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Healium is a mental fitness tool that offers you a new, active approach to meditation that is powered by your body’s electricity . Utilize real-time data to train your brain so you can self-manage your anxiety, focus more intently, and sleep better.


With the power of a virtual reality headset, you can think of Healium as your journey towards mapping and training your own brain. Finally, you have a neurofeedback device at home capable of boosting your mental health and overall mental fitness.


In other words, your body’s electricity fuels your healing experiences, while your data dashboard helps you track your progress as a whole.

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